Monday, April 25, 2011

It is pretty much well known that we are unhappy because we just cannot live in the present. Most of the time our mind is hovering either in the thoughts involving our past failures and unhappiness, or we are thinking about the future and getting some sort of fear of the unknown. You just need to feel thankful for whatever you are receiving at every moment. For example; you are sitting in front of a computer. Now, think what you are getting at that moment from the atmosphere or other things. The computer that is lying in front of you is providing you something on which you can work or play on. The chair on which you are sitting is making you feel comfortable. The heater, fan, or air condition in the room is saving you from the weather. Your friends or family can make you laugh by their comments, and many more. Negative things are always going to be there, no doubt. Like if you had a upset stomach. Most of us at that moment do not realize that we are getting so many comforts, but our focus is on the upset stomach. We cry on our misfortune that I have an upset stomach, when you have many important things to do. If it would not have been there, I would have been able to do things differently. And after that our mind gets back to past, then back to the thoughts of the future. Suddenly our mood goes down, it's all in our mind. It happens with everybody, and we do not know how to come out of this state of mind. Consequently, we fail to accomplish our task. Which could further make you feel depressed. Just be thankful towards what you have rather than thinking of your problems all the time. It might be a little hard to grasp, but it helps a lot.


  1. i used to think like that, but i soon reliased that there are people who have it so much worse than me

  2. Heh, you made me think of things in a way that I never really considered - and it seems pretty accurate as well.